February 21, 2010

My Bike Journey to Sydney

Hello mate! I went to travel around Sydney & Melbourne with my best friend Nikon & NISHIKI for my new years holidays. It is summer time there, Gotta Go now!

Sydney Opera House

My biggest reason to come out to Sydney was...

Meg and Tarn

Tarn, Rie and Meg

As you can expect through the Candy Cranks blog, Meg is one of the greatest and nicest people you ever meet! I met Meg at CMWC Tokyo and became great friends. I didn't know anyone in Sydney but thanks Meg! Candy Cranks screwed up my courage to make a lot of new friends in Sydney and all over the globe!

Sydney Theater Company

back stage

Meg and her partner are so kind and took me a lot of cool places. They've got their own work space for bikes hidden the back stage of the Sydney Theater Company, looks soo sick! I was riding my bike on the stage as an actress in front of NO audience, hehe... :) (Rie in Sydney by Meg)


Cross Sydney Harbor Bridge by bike

on Sydney Harbor Bridge
Emily and Rie
★Emily's Candy Cranks★Sydney Sunday Nite Crew

Sydney City
Group RidingEmily & J just found this warehouse, so D O P E...

This is warehouse, so D O P E...


Sydney Sunday Nite Crew


Great to see messengers working in the city!
Great to see messengers working in the city!
Ausie burger is HUGE!!

AZ burger...


I like riding in the city to explore bikes and coffee. It is the best way to feel the local culture, I think★

I am a big fan of her blog btw...

bike trip to sydney

Traveling with bicycle is really amazing...

Bicycle leads me to meet great people. I like Japanese proverb;

一期一会(Ichigo-Ichie): Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.

I was so impressed that people in Australia are so nice and friendly. Also Wine, Beer and Coffee are absolutely my type of taste. I will definitely move in this year!

Thanks to Meg, Tarn, Emily, J, Sydney Sunday Crew and messengers. It was great to meet u all! Awesome time. Cheers Sydney!

More pics HERE!

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