February 21, 2010

My Bike Journey to Melburn

I've been lazy and just finished sorting out my great memories of bike trip to Australia. I miss the weather back thereee, it is snowing here in Nagoya today, awwwww! so I would like to share some pics of my holidays to keep warm here like the sumer time...


Riding in Melbourne is great. It's really flat and everything is close together so it is easy to ride around.

I went to see my friends there. I met these lovely messengers at CMWC Tokyo.

Brian & Lane at CMWC Tokyo

The funniest guys in Melbourne! Gotta see Brian & Lane if you are ever around there. They know how to throw a party. It is really great to have cool friends all over the world.

Melbourne was over 37℃, I was just about sit down in the shade of a tree... then 2 guys on bikes came up and said "Are you Brian's friend?" I was like "Yeees..." Mmmm, I recognized him by his dread locks hair from CMWC tokyo. We didn't know each other, he is from Dublin and Im from Nagoya but we start getting some drinks and became friends. It was just an accident that we met in Melbourne but it happens when you ride a bicycle!

spread out my calendars

37℃ at park

37℃ at park

pod party

New Years Party started...

Swimming in the living room!?
Swimming in the living room!?"

swiming in the living room

OMG these guys were so hilarious! They have a swimming pool in the living room, RAD!!!

Ausie BBQ
Ausie × German BBQ
Exploring the city...
Exploring the city...

Lots of good coffee shops in Fitzroy
Lots of good coffee shops in Fitzroy"

NUTS! tee & Love Wheels Nagoya Calendar.  *Thank you*
Lane looked cool on NUTS! tee & Love Wheels Nagoya Calendar.

Thanks a lot to everyone who made my trip so much fun, to all the great people I met who helped me out, put me up and showed me an awesome time. All the things made me want to move into Australia more. Im definitely coming back soon. See ya!


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