April 4, 2010

Gacharinco! ー Bicycle Dance Team Nagoya

Hello! We are Gacharinco!, the 1st fixed gear bicycle dance team in Japan.
On October 11 2009, Gacharinco! made the virgin performance at the Toyota Rock Festival in Nagoya.





Gacharinco! is the imitative sound in Japanese, the clipless pedals lock to the cleats when stepped in.

We were just dreaming of having fun with dancing and bicycle together! Our members are 14 girls (include 1 guy) made in miracle collaboration with real sexy dancers Panthers and fixie bike riders NUTS! Girls.

We ride on country rock and make sexy & cute moves. We love dots & stripes and chose red & white colors as Japanese flag. Red/white is also traditionally used as congratulation colors in Japan.

Our 2nd show was at NO CAR BIKE ONLY rave event NUTS!FES. on October 24th. We got everyone into our stage and dancing together. It was blast!

Hope to see ya in the street someday! Keep your eyes open and get ready for your tires pumped!


more photos here

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