May 7, 2010

* COG vol.8 *


Rie on R247

I met my best friend Nikon sometimes around 2008, I started shooting the photos of girls on bikes just for fun as my self satisfaction, didn’t know about flickr and any bike websites. One day, I was in a street Keirin race event “Bank-King” sponsored by Circles in Nagoya, I met Yohei, the photographer/editor of a magazine, he said “where can I find your photos you’ve taken?” and I was like “NO WHERE!” then he told me about flickr and I started meeting many people who is fascinating to me all over the world. The bikes and photos unite people and they inspire me a lot.

yohei & esehama

So, now I’m able to share of my photos through websites like Candy Cranks, Flickr and anywhere. And yeah, I’m going to be bold to say, I’m in a magazine! It’s COG, yay! I would say COG is more like photographic collection, not like magazine, all photos are very artistic and high quality. I wrote the article about the back stage of Love Wheels Nagoya Calendar and some of my photos are in a page of the all girl's alleycat race, THE NADESHIKO CUP (CMWC Tokyo.) It reminds me the greatest time of CMWC 2009 in Tokyo.



Check out the newest issue vol.8 of COG.
Featured stories are Women's Keirin History/ les six jours de Grenoble/ Empire/ Alex Singer/ Street Gallery, Toronto/ Ed Wonka LaForte/ Christina Peck/ Las Vegas/ 700 CMX Evolution/ CMWC Tokyo/ Los Angeles/ more...

Many thanks to my friend Yohei and all editor of the wonderful magazine COG!

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