September 21, 2010

Candy Cranks: Rie - Nagoya

Name: Rie Sawada

Nickname: Riebo

Star sign/Blood type: Scorpion / A

Birthday: October 28

Current city: Nagoya, Japan

What’s the bike scene like in Nagoya for females?
Nagoya girls love riding bicycles in any style. We always want to do unusual and fun things through riding bicycles, and share with lots of people. We believe “you can do anything on your bike.” So, we made bicycle dance team “Gacharinco!”, the 1st fixed gear bike dance team in Japan and Love Wheels Nagoya - 2010 Bicycle Calendar. We thought it would be cool if people saw our bike dance and calendar and thought that Nagoya is a great and fun place to cycle in. Through these stuffs, we want to share with the world all that is cool, exciting and fun about Nagoya Cycling Girls. Here are the fun bike events regularly and hope that many people would get interested to come and ride with us in Nagoya.

Girls Keirin Track Race
Girls Cyclo Cross Race
Girls bike trip (we took 180km ride from Nagoya to Kyoto)
Group riding to music camp fees
Monthly alleycat race (girls organize tasty race sometimes)
Girls café meeting (talking about bikes and boys)

What’s your favourite ride right now?
Coffee and Beer ride makes me happy. I love taking my coffee bike and making my special hand brewed coffee on my bicycle. Call me when you need caffeine, I’ll deliver my happy coffee anywhere I can
And I love drinking super cold beer after long riding, cheers!

Where’s your favourite place to ride?
Spinning around the globe: Sydney, Melbourne, Budapest, Leeds, San Diego, NYC… I love riding the city in different countries to explore & feel the locals and make lots of friends all over the world.

Favourite riding outfit: Short pants + leggings, sometimes flower patterns skirts

Favourite food: Nagoya’s miso pork cutlets!

Favourite movie: 魔女の宅急便 (Kiki’s Delivery Service), Yellow Submarine, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, Beauty & the Beast

What makes you laugh? Weridos

What makes you angry? Thief!

What are you listening to on your I-pod? The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Built to Spill, Cake, Beck, Weezer, Bangles

Do you have any pets? Yes. RUBY (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), she looks like deer + seal = so cute

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  1. Hey Rie, I love that "old" video - you ladies have serious humor! Cheers, from the guy riding the folding bike with crankee last Saturday night.

  2. Hi Captain Thomas! it was really nice to meeting you here in Nagoya. I will definitely take your plane to fly to Germany next year for sure! I want you to drive me there!:D hope to see ya soon:) xxo