November 11, 2010

Nobeyama Cyclocross Race

Photo by: R A P H A
Nobeyama Cyclocross Race, the first single Speed championship in Japan sponsored by Rapha and IF Japan was held on October 30- 31, halloween. The race course was in the middle of Takizawa Pasture in the Nobeyama highlands. The big typhoon was moving around this area and heavy rain the past week helped to get very muddy and greasy course. Some racers got dressed up in halIoween costume and everyone looked having so much fun with shiny muddy face. I wasn't in the race but I really enjoyed making my special hand brewed coffee on my bicycle there :)

Photo by: R A P H A
The race course got filled up with people cheering and ringing out "cowbell" was awesome. It was my first time to see real cyclocross race. I've only seen the race in the film or FSCX (Free Style Cyclo Xross) in Nagoya. I got excited to see everything, cows and vegetables were in the middle of the course, the racers riding in greasy muddy pit and slipped off the bike...

Shinobu from Nagoya (Miss July - Love wheels Nagoya calendar) got 3rd place got gold cowbell trophy, yes!

This Rapha's special made "cowbell" was sold and all the profits will be contributed for the players who participate in the world championship.

This is Rapha's "COFFEE + MUD + CHOCOLATE" T-shirts, all the profits will also help the players to world championhip expedition expense.

MOMOIRO's Daruma-Bike (Photo by: R A P H A )
The cyclocross race is awesome! It is not only categorized as just a cyclocross racer to participate in, there were some roadies, MTBers... I got to see some messengers from kyoto, nagoya, tokyo... even nagoya girls are not real cyclocross racers but they had so much fun to get muddy face.
Photo by: OcciTristar
The Nobeyama Cyclocross Race will be an internationl race in 2011 and will be carried out UCI registration. Looking forward to see more international racers.
Photo by: Yohei Morita - COG
Thank you very much Yano_san for inviting me as a coffee girl there.


Nobeyama Cyclocross Race
More photos HERE

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