December 8, 2010

Thinking of you...

I am thinking of you now... and making name tags for my caffein addicts who are always in love with my coffee ♥

So yes, there will be FSCX (Free Style CycloCross) on December 12th along the river bank organized by Circles.

Are you ready for mud party ?! You better be.
The race last time was fantastic and it was just soooo much fun. I will be taking my little coffee bike and get everyone caffein addicted for sure ;-) ♥

Extra bike fuel will be necessary before you get in the race. The filling station will be;

Dec. 12 (Sun) 8:30 a.m. Entry/registration Starts
Fee: ¥1000
Location: Along the shonai river bank near Shonai Park
+info: Circles here

*You will need any bike, a helmet, chopsticks & plate and a bath set :D

より大きな地図で FSCX vol.4 会場 2010 12.12 を表示

The race course looks pretty FUN! check it out here.
FSCX vol. 3 here.
See you all there :)


  1. Hey! You forgot to mention I will be there too with the BBQ bike selling kebabs!


  2. Whoops. Sorry Chef! I don forget to put it up. Looking forward to see your big hot dog there ;-) ♥ xx

  3. HI Riebo~.
    thank you for very very delicious beans.
    I bought Coffee mill.
    see you soon.....


  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Nice Kouta, ありがとう。
    またあそぼーねー! yaaaaaaaay! :)

    * Happy Coffee *