February 19, 2011

Love Wheels Nagoya 2011 Calendar

haaaaaay. KONNICHIWA!

Do you know Love Wheels Nagoya?

去年のLove Wheels 2010 Calendar は、800部以上も世界へゆき渡りました。そのうち半分以上は海外の人たちの手元に!!


今年のテーマ: 君にあいたい 2011


Love Wheels Nagoya 2010 calendar was huge hit and we received so many amazing responses from just about every corner of the planet, Europe, US, Australia, Asia... including Afghanistan too. Thank you.

The 2011 Love Wheels Nagoya calendar is now available. I worked on all photo and layout/design of the calendar this year. I know it's a bit late to advertise and printing a 2011 calendar now but yes, we always like to do different things, our calendar runs from February 2011 to February 2012. So you still get your 12 months. And this is also useful to use as a guide book to cycling into Nagoya City. We Nagoya local cycle girls are backing posing with our rides and favorite spots in Nagoya City.

Special Thanks to our sponsor. I feel so much love from you.

We love meeting with you guys from around the world and we're eager to show you our fun city. Come see the real thing in Nagoya!

Calendars are available here. We will ship anywhere all over the all over the world!

International (Free Shipping): www.crankee.me

Nagoya - Circles

Tokyo - Blue Lug

Thank you.

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  1. 僕がCirclesにお邪魔するようになってからまだ1年そこそこ。

    Hiroki Akiyoshi