April 13, 2011

VELOBerlin 2011

CharRie's Café がベルリンデビューしました。

My Coffee Bike "CharRie's Café" debuted in Berlin last month. It was very quick! only after a few weeks I moved to Berlin. It was the perfect timing I arrived here. I got a chance to carry out my coffee-bike at VELOBerlin, one of the biggest bicycle exhibition in Berlin. Thanks a lot to Keirin Cycle Culture Café, they made my day and put me up with my coffee-bike at their booth for 2 days. I really enjoyed making lots of my fresh hand brewed coffee on my bike café. I was very happy to see so many people LOVED my coffee. I was also selling Japanese flag designed bags for donations to be sent to Japan. Very impressed, so many people donated to help Japan ♥ Thank you ♥ The exhibition was fun as well. Lots of cool bikes and live music set up played by bicycles.

I served free coffee with my homemade greentea + KAz choco cookies

けいりんベルリン booth

The bike parts were filled with 10kg of rice.
(Showの後は、これでSUSHIを作ってちゃんと完食しました :D )

こどもたちが自転車描いてくれたよ *:)

A friend of Mo (on Right) made those handlebars.

YAY CharRie's Café Interviewed on the biggest newspaper in Berlin!!

♡ ♥ Dankeschön to everyone ♥ ♡

I want to say THANK YOU + ありがとう to everyone who always supports + loves me.

ベルリンは街も人も自由で個性が生かせるアーティストの街。ここの街はどんな人も受け容れてくれるおおらかさを感じます。私が出会った人のほぼ98%くらいの人は自分で何かやっているアーティスト。自分で自分が作りたいお店をやっていたり、写真家、グラフィックデザイナー、ジャーナリスト、DJ... そんな時「Rieは何やってるの?」といわれ「私は自転車でコーヒーやってるよ」というと、必ずリアクションが「HA?」って首をかしげます。出会う人+出会う人に私の自転車カフェの話をすると100%の人が興味をもってくれて、その度に私はうれしくなります。

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