May 27, 2011

Only in Dreams

4 leaves clover

I was in Japan 3 days ago staying there only for 10 days and now I'm here in Berlin. I just had my big goodbye party 2 month ago in Nagoya, I still feel weird and it seems like only in dreams. I was extremely lucky enough to be in Japan this time. My grandpa got well now even the doctor said he has only 2 days left. But yes, he can leave hospital today, what a super おじいちゃん!Thanks grandpa, I could even see my old friends who I wanted to see for a long long long time and one person who I expected to never seeing again anymore. Good times!

My friend Circles took me to a wondrous bike race, SSJ. It's incredible that I had only short stay in Japan and still could go camping and make my CharRie's Coffee at Circles' booth! I had so much fun to be there with my awesome friends.

110522 SSJ@さがみ湖リゾートプレジャーフォレスト
Circles Booth

110522 SSJ@さがみ湖リゾートプレジャーフォレスト
Photo by: Kuikomi+DATE

Single Speed Japan 2011

Single Speed Japan 2011
Nagoya Girls (aka キャッツアイ) goes out to race

Single Speed Japan 2011

Single Speed Japan 2011

Real Samurai。空井戸の無我さん、すてきすぎる

Photo by: Circles

Nagoya girls got TOP 3 Yay! おめでとー☆

CharRie's Cafe on SURLY at SSJ
Thanks to Circles and everyone who had my coffee and made me smile + happy.

+ I was interviewed for an article for a full page about cyclist outside of Japan. Find me in this magazine, BiCYCLE CLUB 5月号. ( ´艸`) ♥ hehe.


+ aaaaand みんなありがとう、またね!

More photos HERE and HERE.

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