May 30, 2011

Urban Velo – Issue #24 & 25

I ♥ Riding in the City - Urban Velo #25

Yay finally, I am on the "I Love Riding in the city" in the newest issue #25 of Urban Velo. It's just very simple, a lil about myself and thoughts of riding bicycle through my experiences.


Download or view: Urban Velo - Issue #25

Urban Velo #24 Gallery India 2010

Urban Velo #24 Gallery India 2010

I was also featured in the issue #24 for the photo gallery of my crazy backpacking trip around India in August of 2010. I traveled with my best friends from Fukuoka as far north as the himalayan mountains to Manali, ganges river to Rishikesh, Chandigarh, Jaipur and New Delhi. The temperature ranged from the high 20 to 40℃. Surrounded by cattle, bicycles and images of Shiva. I slipped on cow shit many times everyday and ate curry three times a day until I got diarrhea and went to see crazy Indian Circus, etc... I would like to share it with you through my photos what I saw in India.

インドの旅はかなりCrazyでやばかった。毎日がギャグだった。毎日3食カレーで食べ飽きておなかこわした。一日に何回も牛の糞を踏んですべった。インドのサーカスもやばかった。また行きたいなー ネパールも行きたいなー

Check out many many photos of my India trip on my Flickr (インドの写真).

Download or view: Urban Velo - Issue #24

Urban Velo is very interesting magazine, it is always written about a lot of different bike culture and society from all over the world. You should check it out!

Thanks + Arigatou for sharing Jeff

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