November 4, 2011

♥ Meet Maki-chan + happy Saturday ♥



Yes, Miss October from Nagoya just arrived in Berlin today for one month late.

SOO GOOD to see my friend visiting me from thousands of miles away. This is my 1st time to have my bike friend from my hometown Nagoya, you know I already cannot wait to ride a bike and hang out with her in Berlin. WOO HOO!

Please come out and say hi/konnichiwa to my friend Maki-chan at Keirin Cycle Culture Café on Saturday, tomorrow. I want you to meet and introduce her to you all nice people in Berlin. Also grab + taste my chocolate cheesecake (recipe from KAz, miss November) for one of your afternoon coffee sessions. I'm baking some cakes now with much luv as always

P.S. Who wants to take and guide Maki-chan for a ride around Berlin? ;) ;) because I have to make some coffee at Keirin tomorrow...

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