December 19, 2011

Berlin Pre-event for CMWC Warsaw 2011


Why I take too many photos?

Because I just want to make a story of my life. Life is too short you know there's little detail that catches your eye that you know you won't come across again tomorrow, and something is happening this right moment and you want to remember and muse over past memories sometimes right?

Okay so, times up! I've decided to sort out piles of piles of piles of my photos of bike events and my trips this summer. It seems to be happening a lot this year. I think I really need to write down my blog now otherwise I never will. So a catch up before I forget.

Krauts and Unicorns - Pre-event for CMWC Warsaw (July 22-24)

Registration at Keirin. I saw the coffee menu board said "NO CAPPUCCINO!". haha.

One beer is not enough for Panda.

Alleycat race in the rain.

Japanese kitchen. Made some Japanese curry and sushi for everybody.


Party at B.L.O.

Berlin is ready for CMWC Warsaw
On the way to home from the party, we found the burning car in front of my apt by accident.
I took only 2 photos and it came out a great shot. Look, it was a perfect timing and lighting after stopped raining on the street.

Side events at Tempelhof Airport.

Alleycat race.

Party at Tommy Weisbecker Haus.

Group ride from Berlin to Warsaw... after party hard.

It was great to see you guys. Kylan + Chihiro

Do I look like a girl on the coaster? :-)


I took a train to Warsaw with these Rockstars a.k.a. COG crew and it took us about 5.5 hours to get there.

More photos HERE.

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  1. Its look like you have posted your memorable pictures here. Me and my friend same community and we could perform all stunts together. last week, we were going club and enjoy whole days with on cycle riding.