December 23, 2011

I hate Christmas but love baking cookies

Yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday... Christmas Eve!? Wow time goes really fast. I think I hate Christmas Eve but I love baking cakes and cookies (●´∪`●) ♡

OH NOOOES. I stayed up all night baking these. I think I'm a baking addict.

If you are still in town Berlin, please stop by Keirin Cycle Culture Café today to celebrate for early Christmas with me. It might be my first and the last (?) Christmas in Berlin ;)

My first Oatmeal Cookies.

My first Sweet Potato Tart.

baking green tea cookies
Rie's Greentea Cookies.

Chocolate Cookies. (from KAz+Eri recipe)

I will be at Keirin for only 3 hours. Don't miss it ;) ;)


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  1. They look delicious : ) Many Greetings!