December 7, 2011

This Friday! Keirin Cycle Culture Café + Rollapaluza Roller-Racing

The sun is setting earlier. The air is dark and chilly. 
Woah it's already December! The end of a year. 
Ooooh typical Berliln grey winter comes... 
but one more big party is coming up to make me happy for my year conclusion! 
I need more girls to race for my photos. ( ´艸`) 〜♡

+ + THIS FRIDAY December 9, at Keirin Cycle Culture Café. Roll at 8:00pm + +

Pioneers of the global fixed gear bike culture Keirin Cycle Culture Café and Rollapaluza come together for the first ever Rollapaluza roller-race in Berlin.

Keirin Cycle Culture Café is recognized worldwide as the first ever "fixed gear shop" having first opened back in 2004 as a hangout for their messenger mates (all members of Keirin and Rollapaluza are ex-couriers), selling them coffee, bikes and parts and mending their bikes. ( )

The first Rollapaluza roller race was held in a pub in London in 2000 and Rollpaluza involves two riders racing over 500 metres on custom built static roller-rigs with their progress displayed on a huge dial and their times recorded by split-second digital timing, all to the backdrop of cheering crowds and pumping music.

Never seen Rollapaluza? check their movies here.

P.S. I'll tell you about this + more stuff... but later.

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