February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday CharRie's Café


Dear CharRie's Café

Happy 2nd birthday to you! Ooops sorry I almost forgot about this today. Look how far you have come! It's been awesome years since you've started at Circles Nagoya on Valentine's day (+new moon day) in 2010 and met so many people through your coffee-bike and yes I love how you've documented my life and united the friends all over the world. I love all the lovely things you hold on your coffee-bike.

Yours Thanksfully,

Thanks to all my friends and my coffee lovers from all over the world for your lovely support and making miracle happen on my coffee-bike. I hope to get to see you all again soon. Danke + Thank you + ありがとう♥ LOVE YOU ALL muaaaaa!!


So I am collaborating with one of the loveliest Japanese restaurant in Berlin Smartdeli to celebrate their 10 year anniversary & my 2nd year anniversary tomorrow. So just ride by or walk on Chaussee strasse 5, you'll see my lovely coffee bike outside of Smartdeli tomorrow afternoon (12:00-16:00?) There will be my first brewing for my new original coffee blend Berlin version. Come + celebrate + grab my coffee!

Happy coffee everyone. Ride safe + keep smiling (●´∪`●) ♥ Tschüs!

Smartdeli sushi & more
chausseestrasse 5
10115 berlin mitte
fon: 030 2068 7037


  1. So you actually came to Germany!! Cool.

    All the best und weiterhin VIEL SPASS!

    Tony´s buddy with the folder who sent you the Lebkuchen...

  2. 二歳のお誕生日おめでとうございます!!
    Congratulations with hug!!