February 14, 2013

Happy Birthday CharRie's Café

"Picture of Pear" is my name 梨絵

I hate Valentine's Day.

Because it's always reminded me of the day my dad passed away since I was 13.

We all have to get over a wall sometimes, so I started my coffee bike at Circles Nagoya on Valentine's Day 3 years ago. Now it's my special happy day today.

It's been so great meeting with you so many wonderful people and I made so many wonderful friends through my coffee bike.

Thank you and Happy 3rd Birthday to CharRie's Café!

*CharRie's at Paisible*

Photo by: Yohei Morita - COG

CharRie's on ECMC

I've heard that people have 3 years cycle, like boys & girls relationship giving up or sticking to each other longer after 3 years...? :D

I feel it's the same for my coffee bike. I was away for long time from this blog. I even forgot how to write it here. I was a bit embarrassed... I need a something big change happens to my coffee bike otherwise I would be a faded flower...

OK, it's the time. I will write this down what I am planning on this year and do it!

"I'm crossing Europe over 4000km from Berlin to Portugal making my hand-brewed coffee on the way with my new Hunter Coffee Bike this summer."

I am all thumbs but only I can do well is making my special hand-brewed coffee with much love.

Want to make more people smile with my coffee.

Ride the Talk!




 サークルズ でチャーリーズ自転車カフェをやってみんなをハッピーにしようと思って始めたのがきっかけ。そしたら自然と毎年バレンタインデーが私にとって、私を支えてくれた人たちに感謝しお祝いする日になった。自転車カフェのおかげでたくさん友達ができたよ。たくさんすてきな出会いがあったよ。

Happy Birthday my coffee bike チャーリーズ、ありがとう。





「 Rick  に新しいコーヒーバイクを作ってもらって、今年の夏ベルリンからポルトガルまで4000km、コーヒーを淹れながらヨーロッパ横断する!」



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