June 24, 2013

Coffee Bike Project 2013

Photo via condorcazador 

Hello Konnichiwa everyone!

My big coffee bike trip is coming soon.

Starting on July 15th, 2013, I will travel across Europe over 4000 km from Berlin, to Lausanne in Switzerland, Alps, Nice in France, Barcelona in Spain and Peniche in Portugal with my new coffee bike. I will make my special hand-brewed coffee on the way. The trip will take about three months and I will document the entire trip through photographs and update on my blog here.  

I am riding on my new coffee bike built by my favorite, an amazing frame builder, Rick Hunter of Hunter Cycles in Santa Cruz, California. As you can see his rad work from the photo, his custom made frame, racks and kickstands are... no words... I am fortunate to have him to make me special custom made bike for the trip. I really really appreciate all his work on my coffee project. Thank You Rick, Arigatou.

I am also having such great sponsors helping out my crazy project... They are setting up all bike gears for my trip. I will keep you updated on this later. I wouldn't be able to make this project to become reality without their support, thank yo so much!!  

Thank you all for your support. 



旅のルートは、ベルリン ー アルプス山脈 ー CMWC Lausanne スイス ー フランス ニース ー バルセロナ ー ピレネー山脈 ー オビエド(スペイン北部) ー ポルトガルを予定しています。

この旅に向け、私の自転車カフェもパワーアップしました。だいすきなフレームビルダー Rick Hunter がカスタムハンドメイドのツーリング用自転車カフェを作ってくれました。





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