July 20, 2013

DAY 6: Bad Staffelstein to Nuremberg

DAY 6: Bad Staffelstein to Nuremberg
なんで?What's wrong?
We always get lost and end it up in the middle of the high way...:D
And got stopped by police.
Our comedy show has started!!

Too many choices... Get lost every hour...
DAY 6: Bad Staffelstein to Nuremberg
DAY 6: Bad Staffelstein to Nuremberg
Got lost again and joined beer group ride. Had traditional Bavarian beer at "Bier Keller"! OMG. It's already 6:30PM!! We still have to ride down to the south for another 40km to get to the camping place!
DAY 6: Bad Staffelstein to Nuremberg
When we left the Bier Keller, found the surprised present from new bike friend. Got Bavarian bier sponsor today!


We set up our tent behind the bushes by the street for a nap but it was very sketchy neighborhood, some weird strangers came up and scared us so we packed up the tent again and decided to ride to next city all night until 5:30am... It was very scary, I was holding with my U lock in hand with getting looooots of mosquito bites in the bushes until the strange guys leave... We were both riding and sleeping on the saddles under the full moon... Oh thanks god we got in to next city safely...

START: 9:39AM @Bad Staffelstein
FINISH: 5:30AM @Nuremberg
DISTANCE: 108.8km

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