July 23, 2013

DAY 9: Ulm to Bad Schussenried

CharRie's Café at Leipheim

Good morning sunshine.
Making some coffee for my friends, mado berlin who were visiting me from Berlin.

It was happy to see some friends on the way.


Making a route at Chinese imbiss at every lunch + siesta...Zzz


The Europe bicycle tour: Day 6 (20. July 2013)
 Photo by Atsuko



Oops. We were too relaxed... It's getting darker... We still have to climb up to few mountains!


Riding cross the dark pass was pretty scary. We just kept riding hard, we don't want to be buried in the side of the road like others...

START: 11:45AM @Ulm
FINISH: 11:30PM @Bad Schussenried
DISTANCE: 88.5km

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