August 4, 2013

CMWC Lausanne x CharRie's Café

CharRie's Velo Café at CMWC Lausanne


Made lots of coffee sharing the story of my bike café with lots of people for 3 days.
Thank you so much for all of you who are interested in and share my story.

I love talking + making coffee for someone, this always makes me happy...♡

Day 18 (1. August 2013)
 Photo by Atsuko

CharRie's Café at CMWC Hawaii
DAY 2: CharRie's Café at CMWC Hawaii...

CharRie's Vélo Café at CMWC Lausanne
DAY 3: CharRie's Café at CMWC Final Race

Day 18 (1. August 2013)

Day 18 (1. August 2013)
 Photo by Atsuko

Thank you everyone + CMWC Lausanne. Great times!


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