About Me

CharRie’s Café

CharRie’s Café is a Mobile Bicycle Café, traveling the world, serving fresh hand-brewed coffee and homemade sweets on a bicycle. Using an original blend of beans roasted by local roasters MALKI COFFEE in Handa, Japan and Blaue Bohnen Kaffeerösterei in Berlin, Germany.

I always want to do unusual and fun things using my bicycle, and find the greatest reward in sharing it with others. I started the bicycle café on Valentine’s Day in 2010 sharing lots of love in front of the Circles bike shop in Nagoya, Japan.

I have personally served thousands of happy cyclists and just people on the street, at Music Festivals, and bicycle events from Cycle Cross Races to the Cycle Messenger World Championships. After living in San Diego and Nagoya, CharRie’s Café has now settled in Berlin.

 *CharRie’s Café = Chari+Rie+Café: “Chari” means “Bike” in casual Japanese.

My Next Adventure

Imagine a custom handmade coffee bicycle that you could ride anywhere in the world. I want to show Girl’s Bicycle Power to promote women’s cycling culture and inspire people through the power of bicycles and the possibilities of alternative transportation.

Starting on July 15, 2013, I will ride my coffee bicycle across Europe over 5000 km from Berlin, to Lausanne in Switzerland, Nice in France, Barcelona in Spain and Peniche Portugal, making my special hand-brewed coffee on the way. The trip will take three months and I will document the entire trip in an effort to show cultural perspectives and the importance of community on a global scale inspired by the places I will see and adventures that I will experience.

I will have my new coffee bicycle built by an amazing frame builder, Rick Hunter of Hunter Cycles in Santa Cruz, California. I am all thumbs but only I can do well is communicating with people and making my special hand brewed coffee with much love. Want to make more people smile with my coffee.

Thank you for all your support. I wouldn't be able to make this trip to become reality without your support.